Who I Work With

I work with children and young people of all ages, from 2 up to 19 years!

I work with a wide range of Speech, Language and Communication Needs, including:

  • Speech sound difficulties and delays (difficulties in using the right sounds in words)

  • Language delays and disorders (difficulties in understanding, and / or difficulties in using words and making sentences)

  • Attention, listening and concentration

  • Social Communication Difficulties and interaction with others

  • Vocabulary delays and disorders

  • Inferring information and ‘reading between the lines’, also known as ‘higher level language difficulties’

I have extensive experience in working with children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder, learning disabilities and Developmental Language Disorder (also called Specific Language Impairment), as well as other disabilities that occur with communication needs.

I work with families in and around the following areas: Nottingham, Mansfield, Southwell, Newark, Worksop, Sutton in Ashfield, and Burton Joyce.

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