Alison Wainwright Speech and Language Therapy

Helping children and young people with communication needs to achieve their potential.

Welcome to Alison Wainwright Speech and Language Therapy. I am a qualified, independent Speech and Language Therapist working with children and young people in the Nottinghamshire area. I provide private Speech and Language Therapy in schools, nurseries, and private homes: wherever is the best situation for your child.

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My Aim

I work to support children and young people with communication needs to achieve their academic, social and personal potential. I help young people who have communication difficulties to still do well at school, aspire to be their best, and take part in society. I also believe that children and young people make better progress when they enjoy what they do, and when everyone around them is fully supported to help them achieve. So I also strive to make therapy fun!

Families of children with Developmental Language Disorder are often told that their children 'will grow out of it.' Even professionals will tell them it is a 'language delay.' DLD is NOT a 'delay', because it is not about catching up. A child or young person's language skills can be improved, but the DLD will still be there, and so the impact needs to be managed.That is where awareness comes in. If families, teachers, peers and the community are aware of DLD they can understand, accept and support, hus mitigating many of the impacts that DLD can have on learning, social relationships and DLD.With the right support people with DLD can achieve their potential, and awareness is the first step.Get behind our campaign on October 15th 2021 by going to #ThinkDLD ... See MoreSee Less
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